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Choose the Pacifica Hot Tub or Swim Spa from the top menu that best fits your needs.  
If you have any questions, please call us at (760) 670-4372.  You can also email us at sales@pacificahottubs.com
When you have decided on a particular model, please click on the PayPal "add to cart" button.  This will open another
completely safe window in your browser to the PayPal cart section.
Once you have made your decision and cleared payment.  Please call us at (760) 670-4372 or email us at
sales@pacificahottubs.com with your acrylic and skirt colors so we may proceed with manufacturing.  Once we have
all of your Hot Tub requirements and confirmed delivery address, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete and ship your new
high quality Pacifica Hot Tubs Spa (6 to 8 weeks for a Swim Spa).  You will be provided with shipment notice and
tracking number information.
We crate and/or palletize every shipment to assure safe transit and ease delivery.  Curbside shipping is included.  This
means the transportation company will arrive at the destination and it is the buyers responsibility to have the unloading
equipment and/or personnel to safely remove the items purchased safely.  The freight company will call you to
schedule a delivery appointment.  They do not just show up at your curb without notice.  There is an option to
add services like lift gate or in garage delivery with most delivery companies.  If you wish to add this service, please
ask the delivery company for a quote and make sure you provide payment information (these services are extra and
are not covered by Pacifica Hot Tubs LLC)..  
Have your spa professionally installed and enjoy!.  If you want us to provide you with a list of installers, please call us
at (760) 670 4372 or email us at support@pacificahottubs.com
If you wish to add extra features to your new Pacifica Hot Tub, please use the original window and use the drop down
menu for each option.  Click "add to cart" on the extra feature desired to purchase.  Your cart will update on the PayPal
secure website.  If you wish to remove one or more options, click on the "remove" highlighted text of your shopping cart.  
Your cart will then update the order total.
If you order 2 or more hot tubs.  Shipping is on us!
If you decide to pay by check, cash or wire transfer.  Please contact us at salespacificahottubs.com with the hot tub model
you require to purchase and any extra (if any) features you would like to add.  We will then send you a quote with the order
total for your review and our Pacifica Hot Tubs LLC bank account information to make your payment.  If you agree with the
terms, then please proceed to make payment and let us know when it is complete, to verify a cleared funds notice in our